LayoutTells you how to play each hole with photos & tips below.

How to play

If you have not warmed up on the first tee this hole will just do that – temperatures tend to rise when golfers play this opening hole. Its a 375 yard dogleg right design & usually sets the the tone for the rest of your round. Off the tee you can play any club from a sand wedge to a driver. The fairway is narrow with an OB all along the right after 160 yards (From the black tees) & on the left is a thick grove of trees for the first 160 yards. The fairway runs downhill for about 275 yards until it gets to a water body. Right of the landing area & fairway after 140 yards is an OB area. Left of the fairway is the driving range & a ball there is again deemed to be OB. You have what looks like a relatively narrow landing area but truth be told its not as bad as it looks. The left of the landing area /fairway after 160 yards has a sharp incline which funnels balls back into the fairway & after 220 yards the fairway opens up.

You have 3 options – an aggressive play is a 5 wood, 3 wood or a driver ideally with a draw that will leave you with a wedge into the green OR a long iron that will leave you with 140 yards or just play very safe so that you are 3 on the green. Safest option is to play for about 190/200 yards (from the blacks) & use a mid iron to attack the pin.

Your second is to a green that is fronted by the water & has a bunker at the back.The green is tricky to hold & is slightly lower in elevation compared to the fairway you are playing off. The more left of the green you attack the longer the yardage. Bail out areas are right or left of the green depending on the pin position.

HINT: Your first shot will run at least 10 to 20 yards longer because of the down slope. Err to be more on the left of the fairway than right.Your second shot into the green is usually 5 to 10 yards lesser than what it seems as the fairway is positioned higher than the green. Factor for these elements when you play this hole.

  • Back 375
  • Middle (M) 368
  • Middle (L) 368
  • Front (M) 331
  • Front (L) 331